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We Need to Support One Another

What is support? Why is supporting one another important? These two questions are important because many times in our lives we experience people supporting us and also experience people not supporting us. I want to discuss why we should and need to support one another. Showing support can be encouraging and

When someone tells you "I support you" what does that really mean? This could mean a couple of different things. First, it could mean I follow you with what you are doing for example if you are a singer and telling a singer "I support you" could mean I will follow your music, I will promote your music to others who are interested. In this current time, I have observed and seen people not supporting each other. If we can support each other it will be a form of building others up instead of tearing them down. Secondly, it means it would mean more positivity than negativity. We need to have a support system to be able to be confident and to grow.

Why is supporting one another important? If you have a group of friends and if no one is supporting what each other is doing, then what is the point? In a group of friends, support is important because you can feed off of each other and build together. If you have friends that are not supporting, you then LET THEM GO! If you want to grow and become the best version of yourself then you will have to let people go and do what’s best for you. I see on social media, I see in person, and also see in my life where people are not supporting one another. It all about criticizing one another, judging one another, gossiping, and tearing people down. We have to build each other up, we have to help one another, we have to support one another, and build people up. If we support each other goals, each other vision, and each other decisions then we can be better people.

Let support one another, let help one another it's important to help and support others. You can't support others if you won't support yourself first. It has to start with yourself first before you can support other people. I encourage you to take a look at yourself and see where you can make improvements to become a better person. The reason you look at yourself is because an inward change can cause an outward change. Don't be afraid of change and don't be afraid to support others.

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