Ex Gang Member uses music as his therapy

"Beginning 2020 with full of aspiration and goals to accomplish. As the year progressed we were faced with changing the way we live and have to adjust to living in a pandemic as well as adjust to wearing masks. As adjusting to living in a pandemic and doing things different than what we are used to, 2020 didn’t stop my goals and plans. In April 2020 my son Ronald C. Lee III was born and a great addition to our family. As the year progresses looking back it has been a peaceful and chaotic year. I'm excited to have released 3 mixtapes. Open Gym Vol:1,Open Gym Vol:2, and the third mixtape is dedicated to my son and is titled Tre. It is amazing to make music and to also dedicate a mixtape to my son. I have performed over 20 times across Houston Texas over the past 3 months. A great thing about this year in the midst of the pandemic is family. Being able to bond with each other more in spite of what is going on in the world, with all the negativity, and the virus. Being able to bond closer to family is important and my family and I have been in peace. 2020 didn’t go as planned but still went on and was still able to accomplish goals, see the birth of my third child, release three mixtapes with one dedicated to my son, and perform. I have also shared my story during many interviews, most recently with Not a Statistic TV by Chanell Raines. 2020 was a chaotic but peaceful year, time to look forward into 2021 and continue to do great things."

-Ronald C Lee Jr

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